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Comic 1023 - The Forest, Part 3

The Forest, Part 3

29th Nov 2019, 7:18 AM
This was the last comic I posted on the "other site." I had over a thousand strips, and I'm going to try to load a dozen or more each day before moving forward.

Of course, that plan could change. Stay tuned.


Sorry to hear about the nonsense on Smack Jeeves. You just can't trust the Internet! Years ago (I guess more than a decade now) I had posted a series of "albums" on Webshots that that had photos and step-by-step instructions on how to repair old BMWs.

Well, Webshots decided that they wanted to "go in a new direction" and they stripped the text from everyone's photos and put them all, in random order, in a single "album".

A few months after that, all those albums were erased. Why they did this is beyond me - they had steady web traffic from the old albums, and the cost of maintaining a few servers was certainly outweighed by their advertising revenue. did a similar thing - erasing everyone's profile and going to a subscription model. Weird.

I kind of got gun-shy about putting things on the web after that. Whatever happened to Webshots - once one of the most visited sites on the Internet (hard to believe, in retrospect!) is beyond me.

The cloud is not permanent.

Let's just hope that "the other site" doesn't claim copyright to your material. These ToS agreements really suck.

The main thing is, don't stop creating. I love your work!!!!!

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